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I'm Darlene van Dijk, a 24-year-old girl born in Philadelphia, but since two years ago I have been living here in Utrecht to continue my study. Coming to this city is like coming back to my homeland.

My dad was born and raised here. I lived here during my junior high. I have been studying 'Liberal Arts and Sciences' in Utrecht with pleasure. I'm happy to get along with all the things I'm very happy with. I just like to have fun.

In October 2015, I started this blog because I started I got curious. It seemed fun to share my experiences. You read how I have wondered how to study a study and how I experienced my backpack adventure. The other blogs are simply about things I'm happy about. 🙂 Think of recipes, hotspots, travel diaries and creative ideas.

I have been finding it interesting for several years to follow several bloggers and bloggers daily, and I am happy to be creative. I think it's great to create a particular atmosphere and to create, edit and collect photos. In this blog, I can totally be myself.

Read more if you want to know more about my hobbies, past years and activities. 🙂